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About Preview - Respond Online & Get The Best Of Humana & Trover Solutions

One day, while browsing through your letters you notice an unfamiliar sender: Trover Solutions. You open the letter and it comes with an instruction to visit to answer some questions. You're confused: you have not heard of Trover Solutions but it just came out of nowhere with some instructions to visit a website you have not heard of.

Subrogation Explained

Trover Solutions is a 3rd party company whose expertise is health related subrogation recoveries. They are hired by Humana (your health insurance) to make sure that your coverage is up to terms or they might need additional information about your insurance claim.

But before going further, it is important to learn more about subrogation. Subrogation is basically a process of recovering the cost spent by the insurance company on the claimant. Their main role is to get in touch with the people associated with the health related incident especially when someone is at fault.

For example, you were in an accident that requires extensive medical attention. The insurance company is responsible for paying for your health emergency needs since it's in your coverage. While your health insurance company (in this case, Humana) pays for the coverage, their 3rd party subrogation company (Trover Solutions) will try to get in touch with the person at fault to cover the expenses. The person at fault may contact his or her insurance provider to cover the cost or to outrightly pay for the claim.

For simple cases such as accidents at home where no one is at fault, Trover Solutions could still be involved to clarify some information on the claim. Trover Solutions is basically hired to clean up the data to ensure that the money spent by Humana was spent correctly.

Why Did You Receive The Letter?

If you receive a letter from Trover Solutions that directs you to visit while being insured by Humana don't worry. Your coverage from Humana is not in jeopardy and unless you are lying about your health conditions that require medical attention, you will not have any problem. responds online to clear you from subrogation after proving that your medical conditions are under the right coverage.

Take a closer look at the letter and you'll notice two very important codes: the letter code and reference number. These two numbers are required when you visit the website and log-in to your medical records. Humana troversolutions com respond online properly when you have these two references at hand.

More often than not, these letters are just asking for additional information about the medical expenses for Humana trover solutions. Respond online as soon as possible but make sure to provide the right information. Answer these questions as truthfully as possible and if there are any questions, the letter will have a dedicated number for you to call.

A letter from Trover Solutions does not mean your insurance claim against Humana should be refunded. As a subrogation company, their role is to make sure every claim against Humana is according to code. Simply address their concern as soon as possible so responds online by clearing your name from any additional financial expenses.

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